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Vehicle Inspections in Del City, OK

Do you intend to purchase a new or used car? Buying a car can be a large financial commitment, so you should be sure you’re getting what you pay for. A thorough vehicle examination can help you ensure that your car is trustworthy and safe. Using car inspection services, you may find any potential flaws with the car and address them before they cause you to worry down the road.

At Mike’s Auto in Del City, OK, our group of licensed technicians provides thorough auto inspections. We will check the car from the engine to the brakes to ensure everything is in working order.

To help you make decisions about your car, we will also give you a thorough summary of our findings. Call us right away!

Pre-owned Vehicles

Buying a used car might be challenging because you don’t know what previous owners have done to it. Used cars could contain hidden damage that would cost a lot of money to fix. A car inspection report, however, can help provide you with more details about what has gone wrong in the past and what needs to be corrected right now.

What to Expect From A Mike's Auto Vehicle Inspection

An automobile inspection typically lasts two hours. Our qualified experts will give the car a complete once-over, checking the suspension, brakes, engine, and more. Additionally, we’ll test drive it to make sure everything functions properly. We’ll give you a thorough report of our results once we’re done.

Common Types Of Damage Found

Wear and Tear

Over time, all vehicles will show signs of wear and tear, such as windshield cracks, body dents, or worn-out tires. You may spot any signs of wear and tear on your car by having it inspected, allowing you to address them before they develop into bigger issues.


Mechanical Problems

Over time, mechanical components can begin to fail, which can cause issues with the engine, transmission, suspension, or brakes. A vehicle inspection can assist in locating any mechanical problems so they can be fixed before doing more harm.


Safety Faults

Finding any safety issues, such as broken brakes, loose steering, or faulty airbags, is one of the most crucial components of a vehicle examination. We can assist keep you and your passengers safe on the road by addressing these safety concerns.

Benefits of Regular Vehicle Inspections

Keeping your car’s value up

By seeing potential issues early on, routine car inspections can help you keep your automobile’s value. Doing so can repair them before they cause long-term harm to the car.


Avoiding pricey repairs

You can save money in the long run by seeing potential issues early.


Peace of mind

When you’re on the road, especially for lengthy travels, having confidence that your automobile is in good operating order can help you feel more at ease.

How Frequently Should You Have Your Car Inspected?

Most professionals advise having your car inspected at least once every year. However, you might want to have it examined more frequently if your car is older or has high mileage, and doing so can avert more pricey future repairs and halt any possible issues in their tracks.

Make an appointment for a vehicle inspection by getting in touch with Mike’s Auto right away. Our staff of licensed mechanics would be more than delighted to assist in making sure your car is dependable and safe.

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